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Are you okay?


•I really didn’t want details, I was just being polite.
•It doesn’t really matter I just needed a favor
•I don’t really have time to listen so hurry up.
•Oh that’s too much, I didn’t expect you to have problems.

Sound familiar?

Probably not, but you certainly feel like that’s what they mean when you’re snubbed after being asked, don’t you?

Time to recognize, honor and be a good…

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Ha!!! Yep, I tried it…

#LivingSugarFree #JS
Sometimes we get just a bit carried away with our #CatchPhrases #Cliches #Slang

"I don’t do drama!"

This has become a catch phrase people throw around, but don’t realize what they’re saying.

Life is stranger than fiction and very dramatic at times. If you don’t do drama, you don’t do life. Or maybe what you mean to say is you don’t do other peoples drama and don’t care. Why announce it? Why not really live it. Isolate yourself, don’t talk to other humans and tell people you are not to be trusted for help, advice or even a listening ear.

#LivingSugarFree #Communication #Dialogue
If you think folks are not listening… Stop talking.
You’ll instantly find out if they were really listening or not. Allow questions and feedback in your communication.
You can’t make people hear or understand… That requires patience and discourse.

♥ Love ♥ via #RuthWhite

#LivingSugarFree sweet♥’s, be encouraged. You can not control other humans. Do your part and get over the rest. Only believe! #Plan #Act #Hope #Believe #Speak #Life #Win #Joy

Do you xeeme? http://xeeme.com/AndreaRaquel #SocialSaturday #Hustle

Well there’s not any characters I identify with who look like me (my sister says it’s Huey on Boondocks, but that’s a cartoon). Let’s just say I’d like to make all business associates, family members and every potential suitor sit through marathons of Bones, Criminal Minds and Big Bang Theory… With the following instructions:

Please write a one page summary of each of my three favorite…

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This is exactly who I am…
So sorry if you don’t like it; but not really.

Don’t Commit SoMedia Suicide

#TXNL is for everyone; males, females, exes, nexts, friends, and haters. We have 10+ affinity groups in addition to Single Remedies, so there is a place for every genuine person.

When you are no longer single, you may want to join Interpersonal Remedies. But before you get to that point, it would be wise to share the positive, encouraging and life changing information available in #TXNL with…

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#LivingSugarFree #TurnUpTuesday
The only way to gain understanding is to listen; with your heart not your ego. #Communication #Diversity #Relationships #ListenMore #TalkLess

#LivingSugarFree #TurnUpTuesday
When your confusion turns to criticism and your disagreement turns to judgment… You have lost the right to be heard. #SingleRemedies #Relationships #Men #Women #Dating

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